Showcase your knowledge mastery and professionalism with a
Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) designation.

What it is...

Our certification process covers the professional standards and knowledge you need to set yourself apart as a 21st Century Bookkeeper.

We break the knowledge into 11 sections, each covering a specific bookkeeping topic.  Topics include bookkeeping principles, technology, ethics, internal controls and more.

In addition to passing the knowledge exams, a Certified Digital Bookkeeper must meet other professional standards including at least one year of experience, adherence to the DBA Code of Ethics, maintain proper insurance and provide letters of recommendation.  

How it works...

Each of the 11 knowledge sections of the certification exams is presented with content to teach and review the topic.

After completing the content, a practice test will be unlocked.   The practice test can be taken as many times as needed to feel confident and prepared for the section exam.  Note:  Exam fees not included in membership.


Getting Certified...

After successfully completing the 11 knowledge sections, you will be invited to schedule an online, proctored final exam.

Once you pass this cumulative final exam, and have completed your professional standards requirements you have earned your Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) designation.

Because of the knowledge mastery and professionalism you demonstrate to get to this point, you are a significant part of the movement to raise the standards for the bookkeeping profession.

To download a detailed information packet on the CDB certification process: