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Membership is by invitation only. We only take the best of the best. This is “Top Gun” for Bookkeeping Business owners. Not only that, our members also enjoy these perks:

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To thrive in business, you want to be independent but not alone. Our DBA members-only community offers the vibrant support and collective wisdom of like-minded professionals.

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DBA members create engaging profiles in our Bookkeeper Directory, attracting quality clients they're excited to onboard. Our extensive promotion of the DBA Bookkeeper Directory reaches businesses worldwide.

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Get certified as a CDB and stand out with advanced knowledge and professional standards. Show business owners you're the bookkeeping professional they need.


What We Believe

We’re not the biggest association, and we don’t want to be. It’s important for you to understand who we are and what we believe.


We hold dear the fact that bookkeepers must specialize in one industry in order to make a real impact.


Embrace progress. No more data entry. Thriving means adopting cutting-edge technology, automation, and artificial intelligence.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” — African Proverb which is 100% true. We’re better professionals when we’re together.


Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB)

A CDB is a distinguished Bookkeeping Professional with rigorous qualifications, exams, and at least one year of multi-client experience. They specialize in an industry to better serve clients with proven competence.

Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB)
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