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The Digital Bookkeeper Association is more than just a membership organization. We are an instrument of change in the world of bookkeeping.


Our vision

Our mission: 25,000 skilled, professional bookkeepers worldwide by 2025. We strive to elevate the Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) to the level of recognition enjoyed by the CPA designation.

Join us in connecting business owners with exceptional bookkeepers who can guide them towards financial prosperity.

professional bookkeepers worldwide by 2025

How We Serve

We serve our bookkeeping members, we assist business owners looking for a great bookkeeper, and we advocate for the bookkeeping profession itself.


Be a distinguished 21st Century Bookkeeper, providing proactive advice, valuable support, and makes a difference. Earn more, attract high-quality clients who appreciate your worth.

Business Owners

Transform bookkeeping from a dreaded chore to an enlightening experience that illuminates your business finances. Our  bookkeepers can help make positive changes to boost your bottom line.

Our Profession

DBA advocates the profession, promotes the CDB designation, unifies high-quality bookkeepers, and fosters collaborative relationships with business owners.


21st Century Bookkeeper

The future belongs to proactive 21st Century Bookkeepers who advise and analyze financial statements, enabling positive change. Trusted advisors, they bring immense value to businesses.

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