Melissa Leediker

  • Company: Turquant Business Services
  • Location: Aledo, Texas, United States
  • Member Since: December 2019
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About My Business

Many of my clients come to me feeling overwhelmed. They're behind on their bookkeeping, spending too much time managing their businesses, and can't imagine taking on more work to continue growing their business. I don't 'just' do bookkeeping for my clients. I partner with them to develop and implement plans to organize their books and streamline their operations. I help them maximize their revenue and increase profits.

My passion for taking on difficult situations and coming out of them with a sense of clarity is how I came up with the name Turquant.  It combines the open communication and calmness of turquoise with the tenacity and determination of the elephant.  I'd love to put my passion to work helping you finally feel in control of your business.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting, with minors in Business Administration and Financial Economics.  Prior to starting my own business, I worked nearly 8 years as an auditor for the federal government.

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