Karla Navarro Rodriguez

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About My Business

Saving Immigration Attorneys 7+ Hrs/Wk and increasing your bottom line by 20% with Strategic Accounting and Processes for Scalability.

WHOM WE DO IT FOR: Small Law Firms with less than 5 partners, with gross revenue of + $350K per year, looking to scale and improve internal processes.

Your Trust account is not ready for a BAR audit.
Billing and Account Receivable processes are lacking consistency and accuracy.
Not getting enough time to focus on your client’s matters and business growth.

WHAT WE DO: Development and implementation of internal processes allowing scalability and correct management of trust funds. Improve Profitability by generating reliable reports with meaningful information to increase your financial wealth with advisory solutions.

WHY IT MATTERS: You’ll be in compliance with your Trust Account and you will gain your time back to focus on growing and building the business you love while we make sure to keep you on track by keeping more of your earned money!

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