Michelle Travers

  • Company: Master Bookkeeping Solutions LLC
  • Location: Wantage, NJ, USA
  • Member Since: December 2019
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About My Business

Owning a business is hard work. Long hours, stressful desitions, an ever-changing landscape, it's a LOT to handle. It's easy to become overwhelmed and to put the less pleasurable tasks off. But putting off your business' books can be a costly mistake, either at tax time when deductions are missed or someone has to sort through a shoebox full of statements and receipts. I help calm the mess, giving my clients the time to do what they love to do, whether is growing the business or having a few extra hours a week to play with their kids. 

I started this business when my oldest son was just a year old. I was working at a credit union at the time, and I knew I wanted more flexibility for my growing family and to help people in a more substantial way. Going out on my own was scary, and just like growing any thing (businesses, children, even plants), it was (and continues to be) hard work. But there is a reward in that hard work. Seeing my client's have those lightbulb moments, or getting emails asking my option on a business issue they are facing, it is so rewarding! 



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