About The DBA

The Digital Bookkeeper Association is more than just a membership organization. We are an instrument of change in the world of bookkeeping.

Our Vision

We are on a mission to create a global army of 25,000 highly skilled, professional bookkeepers by 2025.

We aim to promote and elevate the status of the Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) to create professional recognition on par with the CPA designation.

We want to help business owners find the perfect bookkeeper that can provide outstanding service to guide them into financial prosperity.

How we Serve

We take a three pronged approach when serving the bookkeeping community. We not only serve our bookkeeping members, we also assist business owners looking for a great bookkeeper, and we advocate for the bookkeeping profession itself.



Membership in the DBA distinguishes you as a true professional.  You are a 21st Century Bookkeeper who goes beyond number crunching and proactively advises and supports your clients. You bring tremendous value to those you serve and therefore earn more money and work with high-quality clients who understand your value.  Most importantly, you know you are making a difference.



Bookkeeping is a task most business owners wish they could make go away.  While you can’t avoid bookkeeping, it can be transformed from a dreaded chore, to an enlightening experience that sheds light on your business finances.  With the help of one of our highly skilled bookkeepers, you can make positive changes to increase your bottom line.



For too long, the bookkeeping profession has been woefully under valued.  The DBA looks to change that through advocacy for our profession, promotion of the Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) designation, and the creation of a unified community of the highest quality bookkeepers.   We strive to build collaborative relationships between bookkeepers and the business owners they serve.

21st Century Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers of old, with their green visors and pocket protectors, are a dying breed.  Old fashioned bookkeeping only looked backward, producing financial reports that meant little to the business owner.  

The 21st Century Bookkeeper is the bookkeeper of future.  These bookkeepers are proactive.  They act more as an advisor: analyzing financial statements and presenting them in a way that helps the business owner affect positive change on their business.  

The 21st Century bookkeeper is a trusted advisor that can bring untold value to the businesses they serve.